High production capacity platform for grinding different types of minerals






Platform for grinding different types of minerals

Total investment:

€ 6 mln


The project, realized in the north-east of Egypt, near the city of Suez, consisted in the Construction of a platform for grinding different types of minerals and for the recovery
of ceramic scraps. The platform, built to meet the quality requirements of the ceramic and glass industry in Egypt, combines a high level of technology with full automation of the plants, which make easy their management.

The market

Market demands are focused on products with precise grain size specifications:
• quartz at 45 μm and 75 μm;
• feldspars at 45 μm and 75 μm;
• ceramic scraps at 75 μm;
• chamotte at 150 μm and 300 μm.

The staff, of about thirty people, after a detailed training course, acquired the necessary knowledge to ma-nage and perform the necessary maintenance in total safety.

Dry plants

The dry grinding platform has a production capacity of 10-14 t/h for about 80,000 t/year by combining the production strength of the traditional ball mills with innovation and flexibility, typical of the high-compression roll crushers. The two lines allow a constant production and the possibility to obtain final products with different grain size distribution
according to the needs of the final application.
The extremely flexible manufacturing process allows numerous mineralogical treatments such as:
• crushing and granulation;
• drying;
• glass grade grinding;
• high-field magnetic separation;
• fine grinding for ceramic uses;
• extra-fine grinding for fiberglass;
• production of weighed mixtures of various grinded minerals.

The storage of the material takes place in dedicated silos, avoiding possible external contamination. The entire process is automated and controlled by a computer workstation. It is also possible to check the plants even remotely. The platform has a sophisticated laboratory for quality control, research and development, equipped with the most modern instruments, among which the XRF for chemical analysis, which ensures the quality of the
products to the customers in real time.