Circular economy: from waste to recycling 

The socio-political dynamics of recent times are directing the business world, and therefore also the entire ceramic supply chain, to a rethinking of the production process: not only innovation as the primary driver, but also an increasing attention to sustainability aspects that take into account raw materials, their importance, their availability and energy consumption, in order to make every process efficient so as to guarantee the sector’s results of excellence while containing costs and consumption, for the wellbeing of man and the planet. 

Minerali Industriali Engineering – MIE is among the partners of the ceramic industry and offers state-of-the-art technologies for the preparation of raw materials for ceramic bodies, looking at these new inputs with an evolutionary vision that optimizes efficiency and sustainability. In fact, the experience of more than a century in raw material processing and constant R&D activities allow the group to boast a consolidated and recognized know-how in the different fields of application.



Solution REC 

With the Solution REC series, MIE wanted to respond precisely to the need for greater efficiency and sustainability. It is a range of extremely versatile “End of Waste” processes for the recycling of waste from different industrial sectors: from ceramics to glass, stone agglomerate, and the grinding of industrial minerals in general, which lend themselves to being reused in companies’ internal production cycle, guaranteeing in the long run a consistent reduction in disposal costs. All REC solutions can be customized with respect to the available layout and the specific needs of the customer. 

Thanks to a closed-loop model, all the waste can be reused, within the same production site, in feed with less “noble” raw material, with significant economic savings in terms of time, raw material purchase, energy costs, logistics and with a lower environmental impact due to the effect of not having to send it to landfill.  

Solution REC can also use the patented technology Fusion , the Dry-Tech evolution of raw material preparation technologies, which almost completely eliminates water consumption while maintaining the same quality standards as the dough produced with wet technology; further advantages for the entire industrial process concern not only water savings, but also lower energy consumption and reduction of polluting elements. In addition, Fusion guarantees high production flexibility that, with Solution REC, is effective even with smaller quantities of raw materials, while still ensuring the absolute excellence of this Made in Italy technology.  

To ensure the best optimization of different processes, MIE has developed the Solution REC series for different fields of application: 

 – REC MUD and REC GREEN BODY, for the recovery of raw waste and mainly targeting the Tile, Sanitary Ware, Engineering Stone and Limestone sectors; 

REC Ti and REC Pi, for fired rejects from the Tile and Sanitary Ware sector;  

REC GLASS, for glass recycling. 


MIE sales consultants will be happy to evaluate, through customized models, the cost savings and resulting payback time of the investment.